Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Setting Goals

                                                      Setting Goals

*everyone can achieve goals no matter what their situation is!*

1. Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish?
EXAMPLE: I want to become more active

2. Describe the goal: what does the goal involve?
EXAMPLE: I want to be able to get out and do things instead of being inside all day  watching TV.

3. List the “mini goals” that need to be met to achieve the goal.
**I say "mini goals" instead of steps because there are times in life when even the simple steps   
    are not easy to do and therefore are goals themselves.**

     -mini goal example: I will make a list of activities I enjoy doing.
        -by Monday

     -mini goal example: I will look up the names and contact information for places in   
      my area that provide the activities I am interested in.
         -by Tuesday

     -mini goal example: I will contact the places that provide these activities of interest     
      and ask for a description of what they do, as well as when and where they meet.
         -by Friday

     -mini goal example: I will check to see what transportation is available to attend the     
         -by Monday

     -mini goal example: I will set up transportation to and from the activity.
        -same day (the day before if public transportation)

4. Below each "mini goal" write a date to accomplish it